Get Ready for Rum – The Next Big Thing

With rum set to be the next big thing in the drinks market, make sure you and your team get ahead of the curve with our new online course.

After the explosion in gin popularity over the last couple of years, everyone is wondering what the next big thing in drinks is set to be. Recent research from CGA report that prior to lockdown the rum market was in 3% growth, being driven predominantly by growth in the golden and spiced rum categories. There has also been a growth in the number of rum brands entering the market, suggesting that rum could well be the next spirit category to follow gin in growth.

Consider being an early adopter of the next trend in drinks and learn everything there is to know about the styles of rum and how to serve with confidence.

Style it out

To serve rum you need to know about the many style variations. There are lots of different styles of this spirit, and our new course will help you and your teams get to grips with them all.

This activity is the first of 3 core learning activities we have planned on rum. Our others which are coming soon focus on the history of rum and how to pair with food, and how to build the classic rum cocktails. In the series you will learn about the differences between light and dark rum and how the production method adds to the flavour. Master the differences between spiced, flavoured, and blended rums. And then you have your styles from around the world, many countries have their own styles of production, such as Agricole rum, typically produced in the French West Indies or Cachaca which is produced in Brazil.

With so many styles, you’ll be able to offer your guests a more enriching experience if you are able to recommend the perfect rum and describe the key features and flavours.

Get Ready for Rum – The Next Big Thing

The perfect rum serve

Your knowledge about the product will help you offer the perfect serve. Our course contains instructional videos and tips on the recommended glassware, mixers and serving suggestions to help your team master the perfect rum serve.

Our new course provides detailed video guides in which our rum expert Dave Marsland of bars, retail and festival brand agency, the Drinks Enthusiast shows how to perfectly serve 4 different drinks with rum as an ingredient.

Benefits for your team

Our new short course uses video led content to engage learners with the subject. Video demonstrations are an engaging way to train your team, as watching a process can help in retaining the information afterwards as it’s much easier to understand a concept visually. Our product expert guides learners through the popular drink combinations made with rum and how to serve them perfectly.  

Our recent research into what hospitality professionals are looking for from training opportunities suggested that around half of our survey respondents highlighted skills and product training as a key area of interest. The desire for product knowledge training was particularly linked with drink-led venues, so this course is a perfect opportunity to provide learning materials that align with the demand and personal goals of your teams.

You’ll also find a list of useful resources for further reading that will help your teams expand their knowledge and rum and popular rum brands. As well as a number of downloadable micro-learns to help your team master the upselling and uptelling of rum, some of the key trends for 2021 and some popular rum cocktail recipes.

Find out more about our new Rum and The Perfect Serve course here and keep your eyes peeled for more products and skills courses in the future by following our social media channels.

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