Blended Learning

Blending CPL's digital learning solutions with our tutor-led training provides learners with the best of both worlds, increasing engagement and knowledge as part of a continuous journey.

CPL provides a learner-centric approach to engaging and developing your team. Our digital and tutor-led learning methods can be blended together to educate and upskill effectively as part of an ongoing development journey.

In its simplest form, this is demonstrated by a team member undertaking one or more of our e-learning courses at a pace that suits them, anytime and anywhere. This can then be combined with a tutor-led session to complete a qualification or carry out practical training in areas such as first aid.

Blended learning is so much more than this however and we can help you choose the approach that would work best for your business.

Benefits to your business for you


Multiple Learning Styles

Continuous Development

Flexible Approach

Engaged Learners

To create a blended solution that results in the most effective learning experience for you and your team, we are here to help you decide which methods can be combined together to reach your desired outcome.

In terms of digital learning our renowned e-learning courses focus not only on compliance requirements for the hospitality and retail sectors but also cover personal development and wellbeing which are suitable for any individual or business. We have also developed a suite of supporting videos, podcasts and webinars, available singularly or as part of our micro-learning portfolio. Through our learning management platform and associated App, learning is also available using tools such as online quizzes, surveys and coffee chats to name a few.

Many of these digital options are easily blended with our workshops, nationwide training courses, practical sessions and customer service seminars.

Blended learning is not just a matter of combining digital and traditional learning methods, however. It requires a holistic understanding of the goals of the organisation and the journey learners need to take. From our experience in both arenas, our understanding of delivering a truly blended learning solution is second to none.

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