Ready to Serve Programme - Team Member


50% of the proceeds of this course go directly to Hospitality Action.

The Team Member Ready to Serve learning programme was developed to support operators and their teams in the implementation of a safe and effective return to work, adhering to the COVID secure principles laid out by the Government.

To date, the course has been allocated over 30,000 times and provides a comprehensive training programme that covers key compliance procedures and measures to ensure your teams are COVID secure upon completion.

The programme also delivers several modules in the delivery of hospitality post-lockdown, managing conflict and foundation skills in product service. In addition, the course programme delivers a refresh of several core compliance subjects, such as food safety, fire safety and allergens, ensuring those team members who are returning to work after a period of furlough are up to date on all mandatory training.

The course programme is recommended for team members who have not yet returned to work after furlough or venues that have not yet had the opportunity to reopen. This course programme would also benefit any new team members in their induction to support COVID secure knowledge and understanding and to provide a foundation in mandatory compliance training ahead of completing more advanced compliance training in the future.

The guidance in this programme is in line with current UK guidelines for operators, and where different guidelines for Scotland or Wales apply, we have included extra downloadable resources that outline these.

Your team will be awarded certificates of completion that demonstrates their level of compliance and will help build confidence in your customers.

The CPL Learning Ready to Serve programme is supported by hospitality trade bodies UKHospitality, BII, and Institute of Hospitality.

Modules covered will include...

Team Members – Compliance for Reopening

  • COVID Secure Team Members – this module is mandatory
  • Guest Excellence
  • Age Verification
  • Allergens (Front of house and back of house modules)
  • Planning Delivery and Takeaway
  • Food Safety
  • Fire Safety
  • Cellar Premises
  • Maintenance and Hygiene

Hospitality in a Sterile World

  • Creating Hospitality in a Sterile World
  • Hospitality and Service
  • How to Deal with Guests Who Break the Rules

Spirit Service – Foundation Skills

  • Preparing Garnishes for Spirit Based Drinks
  • Setting Your Spirit Station 
  • Glassware for Spirits – Top Tips 
  • Pouring and Building Spirit Based Drinks

Please scroll down for an in depth look at the current modules. 

A look at the modules in more detail...

Valid:  Up to 1 year after purchase.

Assessment: the COVID secure module has a 10 question end test which you must achieve a 100% pass rate

Endorsement: Institute of hospitality and BII 

Now Available: FREE
Reopening following lockdown – Manager - Ready to Serve

This free short course will allow those in a management or supervisory role to understand the actions and responsibilities they have in preparing their site and teams are ready to serve customers once again.

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