Forecourt Competent Person


The Forecourt Competent Person (FCP) is essential to the safe operation of a site that sells fuel and ensures that it does so safely and in line with regulations. Law requires that all employees within the oil industry should be aware of the potentially serious dangers involved in accepting fuel deliveries on a forecourt. This program informs users on the typical tasks that are completed by the forecourt competent person and how these are done in a safe manner.

This is an advanced course program that builds on the user’s knowledge to be a Competent Person and follows on from the Fuel Safety online course and is suitable for team members who work in a petrol station environment who are looking to become a forecourt competent person.

Learners will be guided through several modules covering the laws and regulations surrounding fuel, tank configuration and ullage, the safe acceptance of fuel deliveries and how to complete the petroleum delivery certificate properly.

This course has all the learning required to ensure your teams understand the licensing objectives, how to confidently apply them and deal with any arising conflicts.

Suitable for all team members who are responsible for the sale of alcohol and other age-restricted products, this course is specifically tailored for the retail sector and will help keep your operation compliant.

You will be able to...

  • Understand why fuel is regulated and the main hazards associated with it.
  • Remember the laws regarding fuel handling.
  • Define tank configuration and ullage.
  • Explain how contamination is prevented.
  • Describe responsibilities in unassisted and assisted deliveries.
  • Determine problems and risks with deliveries.
  • Produce the petroleum delivery certificate properly

Valid:  Up to 1 year after purchase.

Duration: 3 hours in total 

Assessment: At the end of the program the knowledge you have learnt will be tested through an end of learning assessment. This is a test containing 30 questions. You must answer 70% of the questions correctly to pass and receive your certificate.