Being a ‘Hospitalian’

Understanding what hospitality really is and how it impacts the guest experience is a fundamental part of a career in hospitality. In this online course, learners will explore the meaning of hospitality, hospitableness and being a ‘hospitalian’. They will track the history and understand why and how hospitality has grown and why and how it is intrinsic to everything we do and why it is so much more than simply the provision of food, drink, and accommodation.

Enable your teams to deliver the outstanding experience guests will expect when they are able to return to your venue with this learning activity.

Essential learning for all roles and levels of experience in their hospitality career.

You will be able to...

  • Define and explain the concept of hospitality
  • Describe the historical perspectives
  • Explain the physiological, commercial, and social domains of hospitality

Duration:  40 minutes

Valid:  Up to 1 year after purchase.

Assessment: At the end of the course users will be tested through an assessment consisting of 10 questions. They must answer 80% of the questions correctly to pass and receive a certificate. 

Endorsement: Institute of hospitality

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