Top 5 Takeaways from Our Hospitality Professionals Survey

Find out the results of our latest survey of our Hospitality Professionals Panel.


The latest Hospitality Professionals survey asked frontline workers like you how they felt about reopening, the future of the sector and their career goals for the future.

Check out the top five takeaways from our latest survey:


1. 76% of professionals are looking forward to interacting with colleagues and customers again.

It’s been a tough year for everyone and something many of us have missed is the social interactions and relationships we might have taken for granted in the past. And it’s the same for guests, 59% of consumers said that hospitality venues positively contribute to their wellbeing.


2. ‘Motivated’, ‘hopeful’ and ‘confident’ were the most used words by team members about how they felt about returning to work.

The early success of the vaccination programme was already increasing optimism among professionals and with the successful move into the second stage of the Government’s reopening timeline, this will only have increased, with people feeling more hopeful every day.


3. 46% of professionals “can’t wait” to return to work.

It’s amazing to see the resilience and motivation in hospitality workers as we continue to move forward. But despite increasing confidence, the survey also revealed that 54% feel at least a little apprehensive about returning. If you’re feeling anxious about returning to work, be sure to engage with your employers’ return to work communications and any learning resources that will help build confidence if you’re feeling a little rusty and don’t forget to spend time focusing on your mental and emotional wellbeing.


4. 64% of our survey respondents feel “very satisfied” or “somewhat satisfied” with the support from their employers this lockdown.

Employers have made big improvements in their levels of support in the last lockdown, with a greater emphasis on wellbeing support that has been appreciated by team members.


5. 78% of hospitality professionals surveyed have actively looked for ways to work on their personal and professional development this lockdown.

Our panel are looking to the future, with many actively seeking ways to advance their learning and development opportunities during lockdown and stating skills training and personal development training as the short term priority for teams working in the sector.

It’s great to see our panel reporting increased confidence and optimism about their future in the sector. We know that hospitality is going to play a huge role in post-lockdown recovery for both the economy and people’s general wellbeing.

Aspire will continue to offer free inspirational and motivational content for our online community of hospitality professionals.

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