Barista Hacks

In our newest Hacks video, Federal barista Lindsay Harrison shares his top tips for perfect coffee serves in one of Manchester’s favourite coffee and brunch stops.

Self-proclaimed coffee nerd Lindsay Harrison has built up his fair share of hospitality experience, but it’s his work as a barista that really taps into his passions for service and good coffee! So, we caught up with Lindsay to find out some of his top tips for starting out as a barista.

Lindsay offers up some pro tips on serving up perfect coffee, “If you have a drink that has syrup or honey, mix that in with the espresso shot first,” he says, going on to explain how adding the syrups to a cold drink at the end results in a poorly blended drink. Another top tip is to aim to master the basic heart design when you’re starting out with coffee art, in the video Lindsay explains how to make the staple design in a coffee and how adding a simple flourish like this really improves the overall look of the drink.

If you’d like to check out Lindsay’s barista hacks about for serving coffee, dealing with tricky customers and the importance of keeping your hands moisturised (a very good tip when we’re all taking even more care to keep our hands clean throughout the day!) then check out the full video below.

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