7 of the Best Foodie Creators You Should Follow on TikTok

From Michelin trained chefs to amazing bakers, here are seven of our favourite food based TikTok creators.

TikTok is an amazing place to find inspiring content to shake up your culinary routine. You’ll find loads of creators dishing up delicious, easy to follow recipes you can recreate at home as well as being the origin of some of the viral lockdown food and drink trends of the last year (mmm…whipped coffee, anyone?).

So, check out some of our favourite food-based creators right here.

1. Fitwaffle – 813.3k followers

If you love decadent desserts made with your favourite chocolate treats, then you’ll love the recipes on this channel, some of their most popular videos include Biscoff Brookies, Kinder Cookie Dough Bars and Milkybar cheesecake – yum!


2. DishesbyDaisy – 373.7k followers

With rustic homecooked vibes, this creator’s feed is packed full of quick and easy baking and delicious dinner recipes, including plenty of vegan recipes and breakfast inspo with her amazing oatmeal recipes.


3. Halalbabu – 19.2k followers

Follow this account for the best foodie hotspots in London, from scrumptious savoury street food to delectable desserts.


4. Poppycooks – 1.3m followers

This Michelin trained chef lost her job due to the pandemic and has since blown up on TikTok with her own cookbook coming out soon. After following this creator you’ll never look at a potato the same way again!


5. FeelingTasty – 13.7k followers

Take a food adventure around the world with the culinary holiday series on this channel, featuring amazing culinary creations from places like China, France and Italy as well as loads of other tasty recipe videos.


6. Ellieeatsinlondon – 6399 followers

More London hotspots to be uncovered as well as wholesome home cooking on this creator’s feed. We like the easy-to-follow simplicity of these recipes.


7. Babacooks – 50.7k followers

Simple home cooking inspired by flavours around the world and some nice fakeaway style recipes that are easy to recreate at home.


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