The Basics of Rum Collection

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The Basics of Rum Collection comprises of three short courses that aim to provide practical product-based training to your teams. Research from data insight consultancy CGA reported that rum was on the up prior to lockdown, with a 3% growth in market share and a number of rum brands entering the market. So, with rum set to be the next big thing in drinks, make sure your team stay ahead of the curve and learn everything there is to know about rum.

The key to successful upselling is product knowledge. This course collection covers everything your teams need to know about rum within three core learning activities. Using video led content to engage learners, our course guides your teams through the history of rum, how to master the perfect serve and how to make classic rum cocktails.

The videos within this course collection have been created with our rum expert Dave Marsland, the owner of The Drinks Enthusiast.  

All the courses in this collection are available now, including:

An Introduction to Rum This activity guides learners through the history and background of rum, through interesting facts and videos explaining the production. We also take a look at the growing popularity of rum, and what the trend means for operators as well as the different styles of rum.

Rum and the Perfect Serve This learning activity will provide you with the basic knowledge required to create and serve the perfect Rum. The activity focuses on how to serve different styles of rum with confidence.

When serving rum, you need to have a full understanding of what it is. Its flavour, aroma, optimum temperature and even glassware are some of the factors that need to be considered in delivering the best experience possible to guests. The activity includes several practical videos demonstrating the steps to take to enhance guest experience when purchasing rum. The activity is suitable for all team members who prepare and serve drinks behind the bar.

Classic Rum Cocktails The third course in the collection uses easy-to-follow video demonstrations of how to make some of the most popular rum cocktails. Find out everything you need to know from the style, equipment, construction and finish of the perfect rum cocktails, and help rum become the new star of your establishment.

You will be able to...

  • Explain the history of rum
  • Identify the difference between the styles of rum available and how to serve with confidence
  • Understand the different elements which affect the overall finished rum drinks
  • Correctly measure out rum complying with ‘specified quantities’
  • Distinguish why flavour pairing the right rum with food enhances the guest experience
  • Demonstrate how to prepare several classic rum cocktails

Valid:  Up to 1 year after purchase.

Duration: 40 minutes in total

Assessment: At the end of the activity there will be a short quiz consisting of 5 questions. The user must answer 80% of these questions correctly to pass and receive their completion certificate.

Endorsement(s): Institute of Hospitality