Open Minded Recruitment

£5.00+ VAT 

The open minded recruitment course provides information on how to implement open minded recruitment culture into a business. The course aims to offer advice and tried-and-tested ways of reviewing staffing practices and a step-by-step guide for how to introduce open minded recruitment into a workplace. It aims to help users fill skills shortages and boost productivity, by tapping into a reservoir of new talent. This course would benefit team members who play a role in recruitment.

You will be able to...

  • Describe what open minded recruitment is
  • Recognise why open minded recruitment matters
  • Be aware of top tips and organisations that can help you
  • Drive through simple steps to open minded recruitment

Duration: 30 minutes

Valid:  Up to 1 year after purchase.

Assessment: Upon completion of the course, learners will complete an end of learning assessment consisting of 5 questions. 70% of the questions will need to be answered correctly in order to pass and receive a certificate.

Endorsement(s): Institute of Hospitality