Micro Learning

Deliver digital learning through short bursts of easily digestible content that will engage teams.

With Campus, you can deliver different styles on e-learning content that resonates with your teams. Complimenting and working alongside more traditional learning course content, Micro Learning offers shorter learning content in small bursts that can help engage team members with your content and reinforce training messages.


This style of learning resonates with team members who are used to consuming content across a range of social media in their everyday lives and is also an effective way to deliver simple topics quickly.


We can support you with your Micro Learning content. Alongside many of our online courses you can find extra resources in the form of visual PDFs and infographics, videos, and articles that all help reinforce learning and retention of learning. We can also create custom content for your teams in this style.


Including Micro Learning content in your learning and development is also useful for predominantly deskless workers being mobile friendly and delivering short, focused bursts of content.


To find out more about implementing Micro Learning alongside your traditional learning content, talk to our team who will find solutions that fit your business.

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