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wellbeing in retail

Wellbeing in Retail

We take a look at some of the ways team members might have been affected, how to support them now and in the future and how looking after your teams’ wellbeing will have a positive effect on your business.

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Online Personal Licence

How to Gain Your Personal Licence Qualification Online

We’ve all had to spend this year looking at new ways to do things. Remote working and online tools have never played such a vital role in our lives. And it’s no different for the personal licence services we have been relied on providing for so long. Back in March, we were able to launch a fully online personal licence e-learning course and remote invigilation service for gaining your APLH and SCPLH. This online course and exam has been allowing learners to successfully complete their personal licence training and exam remotely throughout the pandemic and gain their qualification. 

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Preparing for lockdown

Reopening Planning in Lockdown: What Did We Learn from Last Time?

Hospitality businesses have been pushed to their limits this year and with the second national lockdown looming, there is obviously growing concern about what that will mean for the UK’s third-largest employer and the thousands of business owners and team members affected. What we did see during the last lockdown was an amazing sense of resourcefulness, resilience, and support within the sector. This time we are better prepared and more informed to support operators and their teams in maximising this time and emerge from this lockdown in a strong position to face to the future. Read on to find out what happened last time and what you can do to support your teams and the sector through the second lockdown.

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First Aid Training During COVID – What you need to know

First Aid Training During COVID – What you need to know

As a business operator, it’s important to fulfil your obligations to your teams in providing adequate and appropriate first aid equipment, facilities and personnel. And this means there should always be a trained first aider on-site at all times. However, like many things this year, you may have experienced some disruption to your planned first aid training. It’s important you know how this impacts you and your first aider’s status and what your responsibilities are. In this article, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about first aid training during the pandemic.

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Text: Supporting the Sector

Supporting the Sector: What Challenges Did Lockdown bring?

We have been humbled and proud to be part of the hospitality sector during these challenging few months of lockdown. The road ahead isn’t fully clear, venues are operating at a lower capacity than normal or may not have reopened at all, operations have changed, the public may be feeling nervous about returning to normal.

Here at CPL Learning, we knew we needed to play our part in supporting the sector. Here, we’ll look at some of the challenges, the solutions and what we’ve learnt for the future and how learning and development will look as we enter the new normal.

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Team Survey Results – How do your teams feel about reopening?

Hospitality Professionals Survey – How Do Your Teams Feel About Reopening?

CGA, the insight and data consultancy for pub, bar, and restaurant operators and training specialist CPL Learning have provided a unique perspective on the re-opening of the hospitality sector, from those on the front line. The research is a first-of-its-kind study with over 500 professionals from across the hospitality sector revealing the extent to which employees have been supported through lockdown and their thoughts ahead of returning to the industry. Find out how your teams feel about reopening on the blog.

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4 things your teams need to know when reopening

4 Things Your Teams Need to Know When Reopening

When hospitality businesses begin to reopen, the landscape will be different and building confidence in your teams and customers will be vital to running a successful operation. But how do you build this confidence? You can start by delivering training to your teams that allow them to be confident in how to deliver service in a new world. We’ve developed a new learning programme that will deliver the training your teams need, in one place and accessible whenever and wherever it’s needed.

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Are you ready to serve? Prepare for reopening with CPL Learning

Are You Ready to Serve? Prepare for Reopening with CPL Learning

At the start of 2020, no one could have imagined how different things would be just a few short months down the line for ourselves, our businesses, and our teams. And as we start to turn our thoughts to the easing of lockdown and preparing for reopening, we want to continue to offer support to the hospitality industry. Find out everything you need to know about our brand new Ready to Serve learning programme as the first Team Member course modules are released today.

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#FAIR4Hospitality: UKH launches campaign to support reopening of sector

UKH Calls on Government to be #FAIR4Hospitality

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the hospitality sector, with a 21% decline in trade in the first quarter of 2020 as the industry moved into lockdown – 10% worse than the whole economy. Now there has been a near wipe-out of trade with around a third of businesses reporting that they will never reopen some sites. #FAIR4Hospitality outlines the key areas that the government can focus on to support the sector in reopening.

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