Introducing the Retail Collection

Today we are launching a new collection of courses aimed at supporting retail team members in catching up with their essential compliance training.

No industry or business has been able to avoid the impact of COVID-19, and retail is no exception. Many retail businesses have been forced to close during lockdowns, and for all the management of COVID secure procedures such as social distancing and mask-wearing has forced us to evolve many of our processes. And Post-lockdown employment in retail has boomed with 747,000 vacancies being advertised in April. Businesses that lost team members over the course of several lockdowns and those struggling to meet consumer demand mean that there is a huge surge in retail recruitment.

With recruitment being a time consuming and costly process for businesses, operators need to look at how to optimise their onboarding strategy for their new starters to reduce the impact of recruitment on other areas of the business.

Training is an important aspect of your onboarding process for new recruits. There’s a lot to learn when starting a retail position, with health and safety and legal compliance that needs to be completed. But offering a robust training programme also helps you support new team members, helping them build confidence in their new role and perform to the best of their ability, safeguards your business against health and safety concerns and builds a foundation of learning and development that will help you retain new team members for longer.

So, how can you streamline your onboarding and training processes? Find out how you can optimise these processes for your business with help from CPL Learning.

Retail Collection

1. Digital Learning

For most retailers, the majority of their new recruits will be for the shop floor or to fulfil delivery positions. For these deskless roles, a digital learning platform offers a convenient, mobile-friendly space for delivering essential training and recording progression.

Operators can take the stress out of issuing mandatory training modules, keeping track of certificates and recording who has completed what training by storing all this information within the platform. Designated pathways for onboarding training or role-specific training can be set easily to support the delivery of courses and tracking compliance rates of sites.

2. Courses

We’ve been working with retail businesses to support the delivery of learning and development tools and resources for a long time. Our new Retail Collection has been created specifically for retail teams. The collection delivers some of the most essential compliance and legal training your teams will need when starting their new role and helps to keep the process simpler for operators.

3. Appraisals

Once you’ve got your new team members up and running, it’s time to focus on retention. Ensure you have regular appraisals with all your team to identify training gaps, offer support, share positive feedback and learn more about their development goals. Use this information to support further learning and development opportunities.

What’s included in the Retail Collection?

The collection features nine courses that have been developed for retail team members covering a range of essential health, safety and legal compliance.

This course collection has been curated to meet the needs of team members working in a range of retail settings. From forecourt retailers to speciality and convenience stores, our Retail Collection covers the core compliance and regulatory training that is needed to ensure a safe operation.

We recommend the collection for team members who are starting their career in retail, those looking to update and refresh compliance training and those who have been out of the sector for an extended period of time.

Courses in the Retail Collection:

*Premium course

How can I get the Retail Collection?

The Retail Collection is available now. Check out this page to find out more and purchase individual courses or get in touch to find out how to allocate the whole collection to your teams. 

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