Future Thinking: Why the Customer Experience Matters

As we look to the future post-lockdown, find out why delivering an exceptional customer experience will be the key to rebuilding success.

As we prepare to extend the lockdown period, some of us are starting to think ahead. What happens when we start to return to normality? How will we rebuild our businesses when the time comes? Rightly, we have mostly been in self-preservation mode, figuring out the finances and looking after our teams to keep us in business. But what comes next will be the rebuilding of the industry and building up trust in our customers through the customer experience.

But how do we plan for this? What will post-lockdown Britain look like? And what can we do now to be in the best possible position when we finally reopen our doors?

Future Thinking: Why the Customer Experience Matters

Reputation Building

Those of us with a strong community following will know how much reputation matters in today’s digital world. According to research, 87% of diners in the UK will choose your restaurant based on online reviews.

In post-lockdown Britain, it might be the case that UK consumers are tentative about returning to their old patterns of going to pubs, bars and restaurants. According to research from CGA a third of adults said they would eat out less frequently than pre-COVID-19 and a similar amount planning to reduce the frequency of drinking out visits.

There are a whole host of factors that will influence consumers actions, some will be on a lower income or have financial worries, others will be looking to continue healthier eating and drinking habits developed in lockdown and others may have ongoing concerns about health and hygiene.

Whatever the influential factors, reputation building is likely to have a huge influence on getting customers back through your doors. And providing an exceptional customer experience will be an important part of getting people talking positively about your establishment.

Our new online course in Guest Excellence aims to provide learners with the knowledge and skills needed to consistently deliver an exceptional customer experience. Poor service can have a negative effect on your business and cause damage to your reputation, so it’s important to think about the guest’s journey from first impressions right through to the end transaction.

Meeting Expectations

After such an intense time in lockdown, and with financial and other worries, customers expectations will be high if they choose to spend a special occasion or family event with your business. Training your teams in managing customer expectations and handling complaints will be another area of the customer experience which will have a significant impact on your success.

As we’ve already said, reputation management is a big deal, and your team need to know how to turn around a complaint, so the customer doesn’t leave, and your reputation doesn’t suffer.

Another of our new courses – Guest Recovery will help your team members manage and learn from complaint handling. Having a team that understands this vital part of hospitality guest experience will help your business be more memorable and profitable.

Support your Team

Remember that one of the most important ways to help improve your customer experience is to support your team! A well-trained team will be more effective in delivering an exceptional customer experience.

With so many hospitality teams furloughed, getting back to normal when we reopen may not be as easy as you think. People have fallen out of their routines and may need time to readjust.

Our new Leading Great Shifts e-learning activity is a great place to start in helping your shift leaders support their teams and will also help your shift leaders feel proactive in keeping their skills up to date from home. The course explains the importance of effective shift leadership and the value it can create to the team, revenue and the customer experience.

Your teams may also benefit from keeping their knowledge up to date or refreshing when they’re back on the job, and skills-based online courses for hospitality can help with this. Especially for skills such as pouring the perfect pint and managing a busy service.

Our newest online courses have been designed to help your team with the skills needed to build your business back to success when the time comes and will be available with 75% discount while hospitality businesses are closed.

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