Free Coronavirus e-Learning Course Launched for Retail Sector

After the successful launch of our hospitality-focused course, CPL Learning has launched a new free e-learning course to support the retail industry.

Last week CPL Learning launched a new online course to help guide hospitality businesses during the outbreak of coronavirus. The course has now been allocated over 65,000 times since the release and has been praised by hospitality sector leaders. With the additional pressure now being placed on retailers, CPL Learning has now released a new version of the course aimed at supporting retail businesses with coronavirus contingency and operational planning as well as hygiene practices.

Coronavirus retail

Facing new challenges  

Retailers are in an increasingly pressured position. The developments in the spread of COVID-19 mean that the public are preparing for potential self-isolation and in some cases bulk buying supplies like toilet paper, pasta, rice and medication. Retailers must face increased demand of these products while also possibly facing team shortages or concerns from team members about interacting with the public.

It’s imperative therefore that retailers are able to adjust their operations accordingly and keep both customers and employees safe. The Coronavirus – Taking Proactive Action for Retail course will help business owners in planning and help reassure staff about the best practices in hygiene while working.

Keeping up to date   

As the situation develops, we are now facing daily updates in government advice, and as retail will be one of the sectors that must continue operations, it’s important to keep fully up to date with the most current advice.

The course draws on key government information, data and research from CGA and advice from the retail sector. As the situation is changing daily, the course will also be continually updated, with new versions being released reflecting the most up-to-date information available.

“This is a challenging time for retail businesses, and we felt it was important that we took steps to support the sector and help to protect the well-being of team members and customers.” said Martin Hilton, Director of Learning and Education, CPL Learning.  

“We partnered with the experts at SpeakEzi so that we could share their knowledge and best practice advice” continued Hilton, CPL Learning.  

Free for all   

The online course is being offered free to all retailers that need it for as long as it’s needed. In addition, CPL Learning has produced the hospitality-focused Coronavirus – Taking Proactive Action course and also made their Personal Resilience and Mental Health Champion e-learning courses free for the time being. The wellbeing courses will help all business owners to support their staff with their personal emotional wellbeing and to cope with the additional pressure of their roles in the current climate.

Find the new retail e-learning course here.

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