CPL’s LGBT Awareness Course Just Launched

LGBT course from CPL Learning to help create inclusive and safe workplaces

CPL’s LGBT Awareness e-learning course has just been launched to help reduce stigmatism within the workplace and enable people to be comfortable in their working environment.

Developed in conjunction with the LGBT community, the course will educate learners on cultural competence, the potential workplace challenges for LGBT and minority employees as well as becoming familiar with LGBT terminology and definitions.

LGBT Course

Inclusivity to support LGBT

With more than a third of LGBT employees (35%) saying they fear discrimination, many members of the community hide who they are at work. Therefore, the importance of having a diverse and understanding workplace has never been more prevalent. The course enables businesses to have a greater understanding of LGBT which will develop stronger relationships within the workplace, improving staff retention levels, morale and productivity.

Almost one in five LGBT employees (18%) have been the target of negative comments or conduct from work colleagues in the last year because they’re LGBT and one in eight trans people (12%) have been physically attacked by customers or colleagues. Providing a safe environment for open conversation allows people to not only feel like they have a support system behind them but know that there are motions in place to appropriately deal with any issues that may accrue.

Make it a priority

CPL Online conducted interviews with a member of the LGBT community and an HR manager to provide insight into what real-life experiences the community face in the workplace, reaffirming the need for LGBT awareness in order to create an inclusive course that covered a wide range of serious and important topics.

Martin Hilton, Director of Learning and Education at CPL Online, said:
“Ensuring that employees feel comfortable and safe when coming to work should be an essential priority for all businesses. By having an understanding and knowledge of LGBT awareness, learners will understand the positive impacts an inclusive workplace can have on a business and they will be able to implement practical steps in their own workplace to increase inclusivity. We believe team members of all levels should take this course to ensure they are fully aware and understanding of what some of their fellow work friends could be facing or going through.”

View the course content here.


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