Boost Your Gin Knowledge with New Course from CPL Learning

Get your teams prepared for serving up one of the nation’s favourite tipples when your doors reopen with our new gin online learning programme.

Last year sales of gin rocketed in value by 56%, with on-trade sales reaching £1.4bn in the year to mid-May 2019. Many operators are now starting to plan for reopening, and this means that now may be the perfect time to upskill your team and gain expert-level knowledge in one of the nation’s favourite drinks. CPL Learning has launched a new course Gin and The Perfect Serve, this online learning programme is the perfect way to train teams in the history, preparation and serving of the popular spirit.

Find out what’s on offer in CPL Learning’s latest addition to its course catalogue.

Learn the history of gin

To effectively sell a product, you need to know the product. The Gin and the Perfect Pairing course guides learners through the history of gin to the present day and to understand why gin has risen in popularity.

Do you know the origins of gin? What country consumes the most of it? And what the next big trends are likely to be? The Gin and the Perfect Pairing course will guide learners through all this and more, meaning your team will be able to share facts and information about different gin products with customers and mark your establishment as a knowledgeable expert in the field of gin.

The perfect pairing   

The growing popularity of the spirit has meant that ever more inventive versions are being brought to market. Knowledge of how to pair and serve gin is extremely important in the success of serving it in your establishment. The new course helps learners to understand and describe why pairing the right fruit with the right variant enhances the flavour and the guest experience.

We’ve gained expert knowledge on the perfect serve for a variety of different gins, allowing your team to become knowledgeable and confident in their own serving skills. Our e-learning course provides video demonstrations to help understanding, which can be watched a number of times and help improve mixology skills.

Tools of the trade

Our new e-learning course also gets learners to grips with all the equipment and tools needed for becoming perfect gin servers. From muddlers to jiggers and the correct glass, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to stocking the right equipment, as well as the right drink.

With clear processes and steps laid out, learners at all experience levels will benefit from learning how to deliver the perfect serve.

Turning service into sales

Getting the perfect serve right and backing up your service with product knowledge helps build trust with your customers, encourages them to come back again and gain you positive recommendations. All of which is important for maximising the sales opportunity in gin and generating profit. Recent research conducted internally across 11 venues found 20% of serves were poorly executed. Our new course explores what common mistakes operators might be making that lets down their service.

Find our new online course Gin and the Perfect Pairing here currently being offered with 75% discount for a limited time.

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