What to Expect from Our Biggest App Update Yet

Learning is increasingly being consumed on mobile over desktop, so continuing to deliver the best possible learning experience and that means continuously developing our mobile technology. Here’s what you can expect with our biggest and most exciting app update yet.  

Since launching our mobile app back in 2015 our clients have continued to feedback how much their teams love taking their learning and development journey online. Many of our end users are operating in deskless workplaces and with around 40% of users now accessing our platform via mobile devices, one of our commitments to our clients is to keep the app fresh and up to date to provide the most engaging experience possible, helping you keep your teams engaged and motivated.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect with our most recent update to our mobile app. And if you haven’t yet implemented the new app, please talk to your client manager team today.

New welcome screen

We’ve developed a brand-new landing page layout before a user logs in which allows users to browse through engaging news stories and resources which you can configure to meet your organisations’ needs.

Improved navigation   

We’ve collected feedback from our clients to find out how users prefer to navigate around the app. We’ve used that feedback to optimise and develop the app’s navigation including a new slide-out menu along with quick links to allow users to get to the content they need much quicker.

What to Expect from Our Biggest App Update Yet

Fluid functionality

We’ve made sure that our app continues to align functionality with the console, so users will always have the same intuitive experience whether accessing content from the online console or mobile app.

User experience

You’ll notice that the user interface has been updated and optimised to help users navigate to the content they need in the cleanest and most engaging way possible. Our user-based design ensures consistency when moving between different products.

Activity centre  

Users will never miss an update with the new activity centre feature on both console and app. Users can keep on top of their learning and development journey by accessing the activity centre to quickly see a list of the most recent updates from their account. Displayed chronologically and highlighting read and unread status, the activity centre allows users to manage their tasks efficiently on both desktop and mobile.

Our new app including the new Activity Centre feature is available now. Talk to us today to find out how your teams can benefit from the new mobile app or check out our Console and App page for more information.

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