COVID-19 Training Advice for Student Unions with NUS Academy

Things look a bit different on campus this year, but with help from the NUS Academy, you can keep your students’ union venues COVID secure and your teams and students as safe as possible. Find out how the NUS Academy is helping students’ unions manage their training and development.

NUS has partnered with CPL Learning to deliver NUS Academy, a digital training platform that allows you and your team to access over 40 online courses, as well as a range of engagement and communication features and tools.

Rigorous health, safety and hygiene compliance has never been more important for venues. Not only can the NUS Academy platform help you deliver the core compliance and health and safety training you need to be a legally compliant operator, but it also gives your teams access to continually updated COVID-19 secure training.

Read more about the great benefits of using NUS Academy for your SU teams.

Learn on the go 24/7

The NUS Academy platform allows teams to complete training online in a digital workspace available on computers and mobile devices, allowing for full flexibility in meeting training deadlines and accessing learning and development resources.

COVID-19 Training Advice for Student Unions with NUS Academy

Record and store all training records

It’s more important than ever to keep a record of compliance training and have the ability to demonstrate compliance when needed. The NUS Academy platform allows managers to see at a glance what training has been completed and access digital copies of completion certificates when needed.

Deliver news and communications

With guidance changing all the time, you can communicate updates, new training, policies, and procedures with your teams easily, as well as access the latest recommended training and NUS news.

Easy administration

Ditch the paperwork and manage your team’s training and development digitally, saving time and money.

Over 40 courses

The platform offers access to over 40 online courses covering a wide range of topics. Our mandatory compliance courses keep your venue operating safely and legally while personal development subjects help engage your team and allow them to develop their skills.

In addition, we offer several mental wellbeing courses that will help your team manage the stresses and concerns they may have personally and professionally during these challenging times.

The package also includes continually updated COVID-19 secure training resources. As COVID secure guidance changes frequently it’s imperative that your team is kept up to date and is able to develop the knowledge and skills required to ensure a safe working environment.

Over 1,000 users from Student Unions across the UK are already taking advantage of the benefits of the NUS Academy. Phil Dayment, Head of Venues at Cardiff Student Union shared his experience of the platform:

“NUS Academy has been a game-changer for us since moving to the platform.

“We were stuck in the dark ages with paperwork and time management heavy in processing staff training and courses. The ability for student staff to complete from their computer, mobile or tablet device allows brilliant accessibility, allowing them to meet deadlines and complete at their will.

“The ability to train and communicate new service provisions, policies and procedures is easily accessible via NUS Academy.

“We have found it hugely important in creating growth within the student staff through the ranks. Like all performance, this is trackable within the platform, recording staff meetings and performance reviews. It allows transparency for both staff and management, a bonus feature that has removed frustration over non-compliance areas.”

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