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Preparing for lockdown

Reopening Planning in Lockdown: What Did We Learn from Last Time?

Hospitality businesses have been pushed to their limits this year and with the second national lockdown looming, there is obviously growing concern about what that will mean for the UK’s third-largest employer and the thousands of business owners and team members affected. What we did see during the last lockdown was an amazing sense of resourcefulness, resilience, and support within the sector. This time we are better prepared and more informed to support operators and their teams in maximising this time and emerge from this lockdown in a strong position to face to the future. Read on to find out what happened last time and what you can do to support your teams and the sector through the second lockdown.

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4 things your teams need to know when reopening

4 Things Your Teams Need to Know When Reopening

When hospitality businesses begin to reopen, the landscape will be different and building confidence in your teams and customers will be vital to running a successful operation. But how do you build this confidence? You can start by delivering training to your teams that allow them to be confident in how to deliver service in a new world. We’ve developed a new learning programme that will deliver the training your teams need, in one place and accessible whenever and wherever it’s needed.

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