Manager Hacks

Our Hacks series is back, and this time Isobel Cardwell from The Bull &Bear, Manchester shares her top tips for managing a busy restaurant and getting ahead of any potential issues.

You don’t get to Isobel’s position without picking up some ways to stay on top of your restaurant service. And being a manager, Isobel also knows that being a team player is a hugely important part of running a successful shift, “You need to be a leader, not a dictator,” says Isobel, “it goes a really long way with the team if you’re the one getting stuck in”. There’s no task that’s beneath anyone on a front of house service, and whether that’s managing customers or polishing cutlery, Isobel is there supporting her team.

Isobel also has some top tips for getting ahead and managing tasks before they have a chance to be an issue, from staying on top of the “time vampires” (those tasks that seem to eat up all your time!) to managing customer complaints effectively.

Check out all Isobel’s manager hacks in the video.

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