Being in the weeds

We all know the feeling when your mid-way through a busy service and you’re feeling overwhelmed! Find out how our hospitality community deal with being in the weeds and how to stay calm under pressure.

If you’ve worked in the fast-paced world of hospitality, you’ll be familiar with the feeling of being in the weeds. “When do I know I’m in the weeds?” says Elena Bradley, server at Manchester’s Hawksmoor Restaurant, “I think it’s pretty clear! I think you can feel it coming!”.

Our featured hospitality professionals are back to tell us how they cope under pressure in their venue. Working in a busy bar or restaurant, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have hectic nights where things get a bit overwhelming, so it’s important you know how to keep your cool when things are getting stressful. “The only way to deal with it is you’ve just got to give yourself a moment and you’ve just got to be really methodical” explains Maray Restaurant Bar Manager, Mark Jackson.

Staying calm under pressure is an important skill as a hospitality worker, especially for front of house team members. In the video, Elena tells us about the impact of how you act and feel on your guests, and if you’re stressed out then they’ll pick that up.

Ayisha Compaore of Peru Perdu tells us about the importance of communication, working as a team and working together step by step to get out of the weeds. The kitchen can be an intense working environment when it’s busy, so helping each other out is the best way to get stuff done and keep things under control.

Watch the full video above for all the pros’ tips and advice for getting out of the weeds. We want to say a big thanks to our featured hospitality pros for sharing their stories with us over the last few weeks.

If you’ve enjoyed this video series, watch this space in the upcoming weeks for more stories and experiences from our Aspire community.

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