3 Rum Cocktails to Perfect in 2021

Move over, gin – rum is the next big thing!


We love hopping on a new drink trend and rum is set to be the ‘next big thing’! So why not try our new favourite tipple with these three classic cocktail recipes from our The Basics of Rum course.

Check out our video tutorials and master these rum cocktails yourself.

Shake it up!

Who doesn’t love a refreshing Daiquiri? An easy to make cocktail with a perfect balance of sweet and sour.

A hint of spice?

Grab a tiki glass and shake yourself up the perfect Mai Tai. Serving up a delicious blend of flavours to make the most of your rum.

A Cuban classic

Sit back and think of summer with a classic Mojito. Fresh mint and lime make up this memorable cocktail’s flavour profile.

What are you waiting for? Perfect these rum cocktails for a refreshing summery hit year-round.

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