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Create and customise your own e-learning courses, tailored to your business

If your organisation requires a more flexible corporate training solution that adapts to ever-changing needs, then producing your own e-learning courses via our course creator tool is the ideal solution. This authoring tool is used to develop digital learning courses in-house. You can create your own courses on any subject you wish and ensure that content reflects your company branding and style.

This flexible training tool speeds up the e-learning development process as it is equipped with templates that can be used as the framework for the courses you are creating.

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Bespoke Content

Modular Format

Page Templates


Using the course creator gives you the opportunity to create e-learning courses containing bespoke content that reflects the needs of your business. It allows you to produce your own courses quickly and easily when third-party courses are not suitable, or you wish to develop very specific, targeted courses for your organisation.

For quick updates and revisions to your course materials, add new content via course creator to keep in-line with compliance and evolving learner needs. Doing this ensures your team stays up-to-date with regulations and company policies and training material.

The course creator reduces development time when generating courses as it includes a choice of templates that can be integrated into your course design. You do not have to spend time gathering media and/or outsourcing more involved tasks, such as creating a layout for a particular scenario. Templates are also useful for advanced requirements such including interactive exercises.

With course creator you don’t necessarily need to rely on senior L&D individuals to actually create e-learning courses or modules. Instead, with access to required content, other members of your team can create courses easily. Most of the time-consuming work, such as finding third-party images or downloading e-learning templates is removed as everything is already contained in one multi-functional platform. As a result, your organisation is able to allocate resources more efficiently and improve ROI.

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