Improve team engagement and communication with our team feedback survey tool.

Gain data-driven insights into your teams to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance.

Our digital team surveys allow your team members to provide valuable feedback on the topics that are important to them and your organisation.

The survey tool allows you to design and build your own surveys with our easy to use survey builder and allocate them easily, whether a company-wide splash survey to gather quick insights or to specific teams and individuals for personal development on an individual level.

In addition, our survey templates provide guidance on key areas you will need to build actionable insights into your teams and are customisable to adapt to your operation, including team member feedback, wellbeing and exit surveys.

Results of surveys are collated and displayed on visual dashboards that illustrate such things as team consensus, patterns, and clusters, helping you monitor and assess your teams’ feedback.

Our survey tool will help support you with communication at all stages of your teams’ employment and development and manage data and insights in one place.

Benefits to your business your team and you

Invest in the best

Improve employee retention by turning your data into actionable insights that can improve each stage of your teams’ journeys – from onboarding to exit

Power in people

Create your own custom surveys to delve into the issues important to your company and strengthen your company culture

Actions and insights

Gain insight into team satisfaction and opinions as well as identify key trends and patterns through the visual dashboard

Employee engagement

Enable your teams to drive their own development and improve engagement with an easy-to-use platform


Benchmark your results against similar organisations to understand how your company is performing

We’ll be your guide

Choose from our library of templates curated by hospitality and retail specialists


By choosing to activate our team surveys tool in your console, you’ll benefit from all your employee engagement activities being hosted on one platform, reducing the need for multiple accounts and tools.

Get in touch with our team today for a detailed walkthrough of our new and improved team survey tool.

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