Discover Feeds

Engage your teams with a dynamic feed of discoverable new learning content that’s relevant to them.

The Discover Feed widget is a new way to deliver engaging and relevant content in real-time. Create a series of feeds of targeted microlearning content which your users can be subscribed to, creating a personalised display of recommended content.


With the intelligent search function, users can quickly find and access content that is relevant to them, as well as find suggested content that that might lead to further learning opportunities.


Using descriptions and tags, content is organised to make it easier than ever to deliver fun, relevant and engaging content to your teams.


You can create a series of feeds that can be subscribed to, allowing you to craft highly targeted topics for learners, and you can even add content from our Aspire channel as another feed to expand the variety of content your team members can access.


Discover delivers content in the familiar digital style of many popular apps and platforms such as Netflix or TikTok and nurtures a culture of self-motivated independent learning that will inspire teams.


Discover can be added to Campus as a premium feature.


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